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MBT ELECTRICAL EQUIPMEMT JOINT STOCK COMPANY is one of top 5 manutacturer in Vietnam supplying Electrical Equipment. 

Our product include: Oil-immersed transformer, Dry-type transformer, Amorphous transformer and Electrical Cabinet

In this article, we introduce you our detail transformer types: 

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Table of content:

1. Oil-immersed transformer 

2. Dry-type transformer

3. Amorphous transformer 

1/ Oil-immersed transformer - MBT Transformer types

With Oil-immersed transformer, we have 2 transformer types:

Single-phase transformer and three-phase transformer 


1.1 Single-phase transformer 


Single phase transformer operates on single-phase power. Transformer is a passive electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one circuitto another through the process of electromanetic indution.Its used to increase or decrease voltage levels between circuits. 


Image: MBT Single-phase transformer 


In construction, a single phase transformer consists of a magnetic iron core serving as a magnetic transformer part and cooper winding serving as an electrical part. 


In a single phase transformer, there isn’t any mechnical friction involved in its operation ,so its a high-efficiency piece of electrical equipment and its losses are very low. 


Know the scope of single-phase transformer in this link: https://vietnamtransformer.com/our-products/singel-phase-distribution-transformer-50kva


1.2 Three-phase oil-immsersed tranformer


A three-phase or 3φ transformer can be constructed by connecting three single-phase transformers together thus forming a so-called three-phase transformer bank, or by using a single-phase transformer. A typhical three-phase transformer consisting of three pairs of single-phase windings mounted on a laminated core.


Image: Three-phase oil-immersed transformer MBT


Because of outstanding advantages, the three-phase oil-immersed transformer is electrical equipment widely used in projects such as factories, industrial sites,... This is a large capacity transformer capable of providing a large amount of electricity stably and highly safe during operation. 


At MBT, we provide oil-immersed transformer have voltage under 35kv and Rated power under 10000kva.


Know the scope of three phases transformer in this Link   https://vietnamtransformer.com/our-products/sealed-type-3-phase-oil-immersed-distribution-transformer-2500kva

2/ Dry-type transformer - MBT transformer types

A dry type transformer can be distincted from oil type transformer that its never uses any isulating liquid whare its winding or core are immerged in. Rather, the windings and core are kept within a sealed tank that is pressurized with air.


At MBT, we provide 2 types of dry-type transformer: 


Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer (CRT)


Image: Dry-type-transformer-mbt(CRT)

Cast resin transformer (CRT) is used in areas with high humidity.That's because its primary and secondary windings are covered with epoxy resin. This wrap helps to prevent moisture from entering the wrapping material. Full protection is achieved by this molded plastic wrap so that the transformer can operate without interruption in areas with high humidity. Hence this transformer is not hygroscopic.

This type of transformer is available in ratings of 25 KVA to 12,500 KVA. with insulation class of F (90oC Temp. Rise).

  1. This type of transformer has several outstanding advantages. They have better load capacity.

  2. Low partial discharge with low loss. Therefore the effect is very good.

  3. Since it has non-flammable coil insulation, it does not pose a fire hazard. So it is very suitable for indoor installation.

  4. Can be installed outdoors in an IP 45 enclosure.

  5. And of course not hygroscopic.


Vacuum pressure Impregnated Transformer (VPI)


This type of transformer is made of minimally flammable material as the insulation of the windings. The windings of this transformer are made in foil or strip form in a continuous layer. But for higher voltages, coils are made of disks connected in series or parallel according to the power rating for the voltage level.


The insulation of the coil is made of non-impregnated grade H polyester resin. The primary and secondary windings have their cores securely wound in a vacuum protective case. High moisture resistance and it is never affected by moisture.


This type of transformer has capacity from 5KVA to 30MVA with insulation class F (155oC) and H (180oC). It has Protection up to IP56.


This type of transformer has several advantages. They are-

  1. High mechanical strength.

  2. Void free insulation.

  3. No temperature fluctuations.

  4. Easy maintenance.

  5. Low risk of fire and explosion

At MBT, we provide dry-type transformer have rated power from 160kva to 3200kva and voltage under 35kv

Know more about dry-type transformer in this link https://vietnamtransformer.com/our-news/cast-resin-transformer

3/ Amorphous transformer- MBT Transformer types

Along with the development of technology, the transformer manufacturing industry has also developed excessively in recent years. Amorphous transformers were born with many outstanding features compared to other transformers of the same type: saving operating costs, reducing CO2 emissions to the environment, increasing product life cycle, etc.


An amorphous core transformer is a core transformer made of amorphous steel. The most significant benefit of an amorphous transformer is that the amorphous steel has lower hysteresis loss. In other words, transformers made of this amorphous steel waste less energy (in the form of heat) during the magnetization and demagnetization of the core.


Image: MBT amorphous transformer 

Know more abour Amourphous transformer in this link: https://vietnamtransformer.com/our-news/amorphous-transformer-mbt-electrical-equipment-jsc


About us: 

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