How to use a transfomer effectively

List some notes for using the transformer effectively.

Currently, a transformer is a critical device in the electrical system because it will make using electricity safer. To use a transformer most effectively, you need to know the precautions to use it. MBT's article below will list some notes to use the transformer in maximum efficiency and limit the bad cases that every user needs to know.


What is a transformer used for?


The primary task is to change the voltage of the AC system from high to low voltage and vice versa, but without changing its frequency. So, transformers are often used to serve and meet consumers' needs and power many electrical equipments that require different voltage levels to work. 


The machine is also used relatively commonly in large electrical networks such as high-tech parks, industrial parks, trade centers, and processing zones ...


MBT oil transformer 


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The transformer can also increase or decrease the voltage, thereby adjusting the voltage level to a degree to match the electrical equipment's capacity, which will help save money, cost of electricity consumption, and prolong the life of electrical equipment.


Currently, on the market, there are many different types of transformers as well as different prices such as Power transformer, distribution transformers, transformers used in experiments, Step-down transformers, step-up transformers, Autotransformers, isolation transformers, voltage transformer (VT), Potential transformer (PT)


Some notes when using a transformer


+ When using a transformer, the terminal current of the input current must be greater than the machine's capacity.


+ Do not use too much the machine's capacity, which can create many situations, bad problems, unfortunately, occur such as loss of power, making the transformer damage faster.


+ The transformer should be placed in a spacious, cool, easy-to-see place.


+ When you are not using electrical devices, you should remove all of them. This is one of the important notes when using a transformer you should know.


+ Do not let the machine get dirty. Absolutely should not be near water and harmful chemicals, so isolate the device from objects that can cause fire and use it following fire protection regulations.


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Before buying an MBA, you should thoroughly research and ask your relatives or friends with experience to help you choose the right machine for your needs.


Above are some notes when using a transformer, you should pay attention to use the machine with maximum efficiency.


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