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What is the switchgear, and how its work?

1. What is the switchgear?

The switchgear combines the electrical switchgear to switch, control, measure, adjust, isolate, and protect electrical circuits and equipment. Some switchgear products include switches, breakers, switch fuses, HRC fuses, offload isolators, and earth leakage circuit breakers (ELC Bs). These devices are reasonably assembled to form switchgear.


The switchgear can be used to clear downstream failures and disconnect the device's power supply so that it can perform work. This equipment plays an essential role in the electrical system.


MBT Low-voltage Switchgear

2. Function of the Switchgear

The switchgear is known for its primary function of transporting, creating, and breaking common load currents. It's like a switching device. Besides, this device also undertakes to interrupt the current when it detects the sensor device has electrical problems. Depending on the different applications in your life, the device will perform corresponding functions.


There is now a multitude of selected devices used to perform the switching function. Therefore, the switchgear may include circuit breakers, current transformers, voltage transformers, protective relays, measuring instruments, switches, fuses, MCBs, MCCBs, surge arresters, insulation cups, and related equipment. 

3. Components of the switchgear

The switchgear includes protective and switching devices, including fuses, switches, circuit breakers, isolators, control panels, relays, current transformers, transformers, control panels, and other related. 


Some devices are designed to operate under unusual and normal conditions. Some devices are also designed only for a switching role; hence they cannot feel the error. The switchgear facilitates the switching on or off generators, transformers, transmission lines, and other electrical equipment.


In the event of a failure in any part of the system, such as a short circuit, heavy current flows through the device, thereby posing a threat to the equipment and causing an interruption. When this happens, the switchgear will detect the existing fault before disconnecting the unhealthy part from the system's rest. 

4. Basic features of the switchgear

Here are some essential features of the switchgear:

  • Complete reliability: The role of switchgear is increasingly appreciated in today's electricity demand. It is considered very reliable when applied in practice. When an error occurs on any part of the electrical system, the switchgear will have to operate to isolate the faulty part from the circuit to ensure electrical equipment safety.
  • Works quickly: When a fault occurs on any part of the electrical system, the switchgear must operate rapidly to prevent damage caused by short-circuit currents to the transformer, generator, and other equipment. When an error is not fixed quickly, it can spread to other safe areas, thereby jeopardizing the system when completely shut down.
  • Can be controlled manually: Reliable switchgear requires manual control so that critical operation can be done via manual control whenever there is a fault in electrical power.
  • Completely separate the faulty and safety parts: Whenever there is a fault on any part of the electrical system, the switchgear must distinguish between the safety and defective parts. Therefore, it can separate the system's faulty part without compromising the safety part to ensure the power supply's continuity.

5. Classification of switchgear

The switchgear is divided by voltage class. There are three main types of switchgear as follows:

  • High voltage (HV) switchgear
  • Medium voltage (MV) switchgear
  • Low voltage (LV) switchgear

In general, electrical energy is an essential part of life. Therefore, the distribution of electricity must be done with certainty and safety. Security levels can be maintained at various distribution units and substations by installing safety devices and mechanisms. Although many tools can help protect electrical connections in industrial and residential areas, switchgear is recommended because of its features and functions.


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