'Tay Nguyen' - Potential land for solar power

The development of the solar industry in Tay Nguyen, Vietnam

Developing solar power in 'Tay Nguyen' is the top concern in 2020. So what factors help to exploit and use solar power effectively and develop as today?

1. Natural conditions

Tay Nguyen is a place with the right radiation energy intensity. The areas of Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, and Dak Nong have too high hours of sunshine from 5.1 to 5.3 hours/day, which is a desirable figure for any owner of solar power systems. 

According to data from PVGIS-CMSAF (European Commission), the Tay Nguyen region is where the radiation intensity reaches from 5.1 to 5.3, with 2000 to 2600 hours of sunshine is rated as very good. The mid-year months are the sunniest months, from around 8 to 10 hours/day. On average, from March to September, the sunny time is from 5 - 6 hours/day, with the average total radiation over 3,489 kWh / m2 / day (some days reach 5,815 kWh / m2 / day). 


Sunny weather in Tay Nguyen

2. Population density and construction architecture

Tay Nguyen is home to the lowest population density in the country. Accounting for 16.1% of the country's area (with only five provinces), the total population is only 6.1% of the country's population. 

Population density by region of Vietnam in 2019

Region Population density (person/km2)
Vietnam 290
Trung Du & Mien Nui Bac Bo 132
Song Hong Delta 1060
Bac Trung Bo & Duyen Hai Nam Trung Bo 211
Tay Nguyen 107
Dong Nam Bo 757
Song Cuu Long Delta 423

With such a large land area, houses are often built with few floors and on extensive grounds, so the roof area is relatively large. Besides, with 1-ground houses built far away from each other, the roof of the houses is not obscured; this helps the rooftop solar panels operate at maximum capacity. 

3. The electricity demand of the people

The recent years have witnessed the healthy development of the solar power industry; consumers have benefited from the price competition among businesses. The price of a solar system today can be ten times cheaper than it was ten years ago. Therefore, it is a very feasible solution to equip a solar power system to replace diesel generators. It helps not pollute the environment, and increases efficiency in production and business, minimizes continuous power outages, ensures daily life and production activities.


People in Tay Nguyen have installed solar power


The use of solar transformers brings many practical benefits to investors and users, such as:

  • Saving the land area when installing
  • Significant heat resistance for projects
  • Reducing the cost of monthly electricity bill payments
  • Helping to increase income by selling unused electricity output to EVN - Vietnam Electricity Corporation 

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