Site Preparation for Power Transformer Installation

Site Preparation for Power Transformer Installation

Power transformers play an important role in transmitting and distributing electrical power in power systems. Its functions are to step up or step down the voltage level, improve the power quality, and isolate different parts of the network.

This article will provide a standard guide on how to prepare the site for installing a power transformer.

Table of content

Standard test 

Site Preparation

Cleaning and drying of components

Standard Test

  • Ratio test
  • Polarity test
  • Phase relation test
  • Excitation current test
  • Impedance test
  • Load loss test
  • Regulation test
  • Applied potential test
  • Induced potential test
  • Impulse test
  • Sound test
  • Corona test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Dissolved gas analysis
  • Temperature rise test

Site Preparation

It is relatively important to select and prepare the site for installing a power transformer. There are some following factors when choosing and preparing a site for power transformer installation:

•           Accessibility: It is easily accessible to the site by road or rail for transportation and delivery of the transformer and its components.

•           Fire protection: It is necessary to equip fire protection measures on the site to prevent or control fire hazards from the transformer.

•           Foundation: The site should have a strong and level foundation

•           Noise: The site should reduce noise pollution from the transformer to nearby residential or office areas.

•           Clearance: The site should provide adequate clearance from the earth and other live parts for all live parts of the transformer, such as bushings, terminals, tap changers, etc.

•           Ventilation: The site should provide sufficient ventilation for natural or forced cooling of the transformer.

Cleaning and Drying of Components

Before installing a power transformer, the components of the power transformer should be cleaned and dried. The following procedures should be followed for cleaning and drying power transformer components:

  • Main tank
  • Core and windings
  • Bushings
  • Conservator tank
  • Radiators

By following this guide, operators can ensure that the power transformer is installed properly and safely and that it performs efficiently and reliably in the power system.

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