Compare Recloser and LBS switches

What are the similarity and differences of Recloser and LBS


LBS and Recloser are both switchgear. It has in common that both are switchable under load (LBS can only cut with certain load current many times smaller than Recloser).


Recloser (Self-closing circuit breaker): Most problems in the electricity distribution system are transient incidents. To continuously increase the power supply to the carrier auxiliary, a self-closing breaker (Recloser) is used. The self-closing breaker is essentially a circuit breaker that comes with a controller that allows you to program repetitive switches according to pre-set requirements.


LBS (Load Breaker): structurally similar to the Recloser, works as an interlocking circuit breaker but is superior to a conventional circuit breaker. Because it is capable of switching on / off under load. The opening and closing of LBS are usually done by a pole at the place where LBS is located. To perform the protective function a fuse must be used in combination.


1. Similarity

Recloser and LBS are both switchable under load (LBS can only cut with a certain load current many times smaller than Recloser).


2. Differences

* Operate:


LBS: more convenient maintenance, repair and installation. If the scale is small (power supply to the area is not important, less load…). LBS installation would be better because it does not cost much investment.


Recloser: more complicated installation, higher technical requirements. Operators need to have certain qualifications.


The Auto Recloser is a load breaker that automatically opens when the power lines have a temporary fault such as a tree branch. When the branch is burned immediately and no longer touches the line, the auto shutters attempt to restore power to the power lines for at least three tests before the lock is unlocked. During the three tests and the branch is removed from the conductor, the recloser will still close the power recovery contacts to the power lines. It is rated to be able to withstand the fault line.


The LBS load breaker is just a switch designed to cut off the load. It is capable of withstanding the load current without exploding. It has the rated current and voltage of the load and the maximum fault current that can be tolerated on the system. In particular, the LBS load cutter does not turn on automatically but requires operator intervention.


* Location:


The Recloser can be placed anywhere on the system whose rating parameters meet the system requirements. Some suitable positions such as:


Set at the station as the main protection device of the system


Placed on the mainline but far from the station to segment long lines, thereby preventing the problem away from the source from affecting the entire system.


Placing on the main spindle lines to avoid the effects of the bypass branches.


Note: LBS can be installed on lines and can be installed in substations, distribution ...


For the correct application of the automatic control circuit recloser, five factors should be considered:


The rated voltage of the Recloser must be greater than or equal to the system voltage.


Maximum fault current that can occur at Recloser site. Recloser's cutoff rating must be equal to or greater than the maximum possible system fault current.


The maximum load current, which is the maximum rated current of the Recloser, shall be greater than or equal to the estimated maximum load current of the system.


The smallest fault current in the Recloser-protected area that could occur at the end of the line segment to be protected should be tested to see if Recloser can perceive it as possible or not.


Coordinate other protective devices on both the source and load sides of the Recloser. Coordination on front and rear Recloser installations is critical when the first four elements are met.


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