Advantages and disadvantages of three-phase transformers

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Three-phase transformer?

Three-phase transformers are used in most electrical systems for power generation, distribution, and transmission. They are used to increase or decrease the voltage in a three-phase system. There are many different manufacturers of three-phase transformers on the market today that guarantee that their transformers will save more for broad electricity distribution. They even offer custom auto-transformers based on your requirements.


Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of a three-phase transformer:

1. Advantages of Three-phase transformers over Single-phase transformers

- Inexpensive: Compared with single-phase transformers, 3-phase transformers are cheaper. It has a lower cost when compared to three units of a single-phase transformer.

- Lightweight: Three-phase transformers are light in weight and smaller in size than single-phase transformers, which means they take up less space.

- Assembly in the least time: Very easy to assemble. We can get a single-phase source from three-phase transformers, while the opposite is not valid.

- Higher efficiency: The three-phase transformer performs its functions more efficiently and delivers more power than a single-phase transformer.

- Easier to install: Pre-wired 3-phase transformer is ready to install, making the installation very easy and smooth.

- Easy transportation: To provide the same output, the material used to fabricate the core of a 3-phase transformer is very little compared to that of 3 single-phase transformers. Therefore, they aren't only easy transportation but also lower shipping costs.


An Open-type three-phase transformer

2. Disadvantages of 3-phase transformers

  • The more significant cost of standby units: The individual cost of redundant equipment is high and makes it difficult to repair or correct any problems. In a 3-phase transformer, a common core is shared across all three units. Therefore, if the unit is defective or is damaged, the entire three-phase transformer must be shut down.
  • Cost of repair: Repair costs for 3-phase transformers are higher because it is very costly to change each component. Hence, for service recovery, the spare unit cost is higher when compared with single-phase transformers.
  • Reduced capacity:  Because the 3-phase transformer is self-cooled, the transformer's power is also reduced simultaneously.
  • Fault correction: In the event of a fault in any phase of a 3-phase transformer, the fault is transferred to the other two phases. Therefore, the entire unit needs to be replaced.

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3. Conclusion

Although most utility tools are connected by single-phase transformers, they are not preferred for broad power distribution. Compared with a 1-phase transformer, a 3-phase transformer has many advantages. There are also a few downsides, but the benefits outweigh them. This is the reason why three-phase transformers are now being used for broad power distribution.


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