Sealed type 3-phase oil immersed distribution transformer 1600KVA

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Product specifications

  • Rated power: 1600kVA 
  • Voltage: 22/0,4kV
  • Winding connection: Dyn11/ Yyn0
  • Max. no-load loss (Po): 1305W
  • Max. short-circuit loss (Pk): 13680W 
  • Max. no-load current(I0): 1% 
  • Minimum short circuit voltage(Uk ): 5% 
  • Standard: : TCVN 6306 (IEC 60076); Decision 62 / QĐ – EVN (Vietnam), ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 

Introduction of Sealed type3-phase oil-immersed transformer 1600KVA

Because of outstanding advantages, the plugin ceramic type three-phase oil-immersed transformer 1600KVA is electrical equipment widely used in projects such as factories, industrial sites,... This is a large capacity transformer capable of providing a large amount of electricity stably and highly safe during operation. Join MBT to learn more about this transformer through the article below.

Advantages of a three-phase oil-immersed transformer 1600kVA

- The transformer with a large capacity, capable of transmitting electricity far away and reducing the waste of a large amount of energy during the transmission and distribution of electricity.


- The machine has an energy efficiency of up to 99.44%, able to operate continuously and stably 24 / 24h to ensure that the whole electrical system works efficiently.


- The transformer is made of high-quality, environment-friendly materials for high durability and resistance to strong impacts.


- The machine is exquisitely designed and machined by a modern and advanced machines line and a team of experienced engineers. They control following the quality process and produce high-quality standard products. 


- In particular, the three-phase oil-immersed transformer 1600kVA has very low noise, strong resistance to short circuits, a high level of lightning protection, and long and high overload resistance. 


The three-phase oil-immersed transformer 1600KVA gets quality standards of product

MBT's three-phase dry-type transformer 1600kVA passes strict quality control at all stages from input to output, ensuring to meet the stringent requirements of International standards fully: IEC-76, ANSI, TCVN 6306. 

1. Quality management system ISO 9001: 2015

The operation of the whole MBT system is strictly controlled and managed. This ensures the quality of products in all stages, from receiving customer requests to design, materials, production, installation, testing, packaging, delivery, after-sales, all of which operate under strict and logically linked processes.

2. Environmental management ISO 14001: 2015

MBT pioneered the application of the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015. The implementation of this process is a testament to MBT's responsibility to a wide range of customers. MBT commit to providing high-quality technical products that are most environmentally friendly. 

3. Accreditation certificate ISO / IEC 17025: 2017

ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 certification confirms that MBT's technical quality meets the requirements of all specific international standards for testing and calibration laboratories. All MBT's products are fully tested in a qualified testing room before leaving the factory, ensuring stable quality and providing absolute peace of mind for customers.


Quality certifications of MBT's product

Characteristics of conventional ceramic-style three-phase oil-immersed transformer 1600kVA:

Transformer core:

- The core is made of silicon steel with good magnetic conductivity and high oxidation resistance. The steel core of the machine is made of many thin steel sheets with a thickness of 0.3 - 0.5mm, the outer surface with insulating paint is joined together into a closed-loop circuit. The purpose of grafting thin steel sheets together is to reduce the energy lost during machine operation due to the Foucault eddy currents.

- MBT's silicon steel lamination leaves are imported directly from Nippon Steel, Japan.

Transformer winding wire:

- Winding on the primary and secondary windings has an excellent design structure to help the machine operate effectively. The core of the device is manufactured from EI / AIW (220oC) enameled copper wire, which meets IEC 60851, JSI C 3202-1994 standards. The wire ensures technical indicators such as flexibility, adhesion, electrical strength, elongation, elasticity and transformer oil resistance to reduce eddy currents Foucault during operation.

Especially, the copper wire used by MBT is imported from Ngohan - Korea supplier. 

List of common oil-immersed transformers with capacity from 100kVA - 2500kVA and voltage 35-22kV.   

Standard ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; IEC/ISO/EN/DIN/ASTM/IEEE/ANSI/TCVN/AS
Rated power (KVA) Max. no-load loss Po (W) Max. short-circuit loss Pk(W) Max. no-load current I0 (%)  Min. short-circuit voltage Uk(%)  Energy efficiency(E50%)
100 205 1250 1,5 5 98,98
250 340 2600 1,5 5 99,21
400 433 3820 1,5 5 99,31
560 580 4810 1,5 5 99,37
750 845 6540 1 5 99,34
1000 980 8550 1 5 99,38
1600 1305 13680 1 5 99,41
2000 1500 17100 1 5 99,43
2500 1850 24460 1 5 99,44

With the spirit of serious work, professional methods, the continuous creation of a highly qualified and experienced engineers team in the field of leading electrical equipment manufacturing in Vietnam and the world, combined with the quality management system ISO 9001 - 2015, ISO 14001 ..., lean and scientific management model, strict quality control process, MBT's products always meet quality requirements, engineering, art and schedule for customers.


Main products of MBT

- Single-phase oil-immersed transformer

- Sealed type three-phase oil-immersed transformer

- Open type three-phase oil-immersed transformer

- Amorphous three-phase oil-immersed transformer

Dry-type transformer

- Amorphous dry-type transformer


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Sealed type 3-phase oil immersed distribution transformer 1600KVA

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