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ABB may not a strange brand in the Electrical equipment market. Establish in 1988 in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB have penetrated Asia market in 1993 and extended fastly. ABB product does not include transformers, but they cover all kind of electrical equipment. Their product is known as high quality and good guarantee service. 


Talking about ABB transformers means thinking about dry transformers because ABB dry transformers are one of the leading quality brands in the market.


During the past years, ABB transformers have been continuously improved in quality. The system of machinery and technology lines to produce ABB transformer products is completely imported from countries such as Japan, Korea, ...


ABB's main products are the production of distribution transformers, transmission transformers, furnace transformers,….


ABB dry-type transformer




THIBIDI transformers products are manufactured by Electrical Equipment Company under Electrical Engineering Equipment Corporation - Ministry of Industry of the State of Vietnam.


THIBIDI transformer is constantly being improved to satisfy all the needs of customers both in Vietnam and abroad.


Currently, THIBIDI transformers include 1-phase - 3-phase transformers and intermediate transformers with capacities from 10 kVA to 10,000KVA. In addition, THIBIDI also has both dry and integrated transformer types and has been granted by BVQi - UK International Certification Organization and Quacert - Vietnam Standards Compliance Certification Center.


Thibidi oil-immersed transformer




Establish in 2009 in Van Canh, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi. Although they are still young, but the strategy of focusing on oil-immersed transformer make them become a reliable brand in the Vietnam market. 


MBT can supply transformer have rated power between 25 to 10000kva and voltage up to 35kv. MBT transformer also gets international standard certification like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IEC 60076, ASTA,... 


Besides, MBT engineers can design the specs to suitable for international customers and foreign power grids. So, they can export to the international market. 


MBT transformer


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