MBT aims to become the leading distribution transformer manufacturer in Vietnam


Over the past 12 years of construction and development (May 12, 2009 - May 12, 2021), with the motto "Quality nurtures Reliability", MBT Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company has been asserting its position and brand name in the field of producing and supplying electrical equipment, transformer. In order to have the clearest view of the achievements and orientation of MBT in the coming years, Vietnam Energy Magazine had an interview with Mr. Tran Van Nam - General Director of MBT Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company on the 12th anniversary of its founding.


Mr. Tran Van Nam - MBT General Director


Reporter: Could you please briefly outline the outstanding results of MBT after 12 years from the date of establishment to the present?


General Director Tran Van Nam: After 12 years of construction and development, MBT has achieved certain achievements. In particular, in terms of human resources, at the time of establishment, there were only 15 people, so far the company is creating jobs for more than 450 employees.


For the market, when it was first established, MBT's market was still quite small, providing distribution transformer for 5 Northern provinces and 3 provinces in the Central Highlands, by 2021, MBT's market has spread widely 63 provinces and cities nationwide in all 3 regions. At the same time, the Company also developed foreign markets such as Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Australia, Africa, ... This helped MBT's 2009-2021 revenue increase from VND 29 billion to VND 1200 billion. .


In addition, since its establishment, MBT has also been a supplier of MBA for 5 Power Corporations under Vietnam Electricity. These products are satisfied, trusted and appreciated by customers


Reporter: 2020 is the year when businesses face many difficulties due to prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, but MBT still has good growth, so what solutions does the company have to exceed the set targets, sir? 


General Director Tran Van Nam: 2020 is a very difficult year not only for businesses in Vietnam but also for businesses in the world because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the Company's revenue still increased by 50% compared to 2019. To achieve this result, first of all, is thanks to the construction of a well-established business strategy and plan from 2019 base on market information reported by heads of departments in the Company.


In addition, MBT's main customers are electricity customers, less affected by the pandemic, with an average growth rate of 10%, while MBT's projects are for Power Corporations has been signed since the end of 2019, which has helped MBT's 2020 revenue increase without being affected.


In addition, in 2020, policies on solar power are issued, in which MBT's solar power business also contributes to the overall growth of the Company.


MBT has been promoting the business of electrical cabinets and other electrical equipment, with a revenue of nearly 300 billion dong, reaching the set target, contributing significantly to the overall growth of The company has thus acquired new customers related to electrical equipment and transformers.


Along with that, the investment in new and modern technology lines, as well as building a production system with an increase of about 50-70% compared to 2019, also creates a foundation for revenue growth in 2020. 


Reporter: In recent years, MBT brand has won the trust of the domestic and foreign electricity industry, so can you tell us, in what fields is MBT strong?


General Director Tran Van Nam: The strength of MBT is to create products with high safety, the failure rate on the grid is less than 1%. Thanks to the continuous improvement of both the system and the factory, as well as the investment in modern machinery and equipment systems from countries with developed technology such as Germany, Italy, Japan, China, India ... MBT's products are highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers for their quality.


Besides, MBT also has a professional staff team that helps to reinforce customer satisfaction and trust in using the product.


Reporter: With the vision of making MBT the No. 1 distribution transformer manufacturer in Vietnam and exporting transformers further to the world market in the next 5 years, so what has the company been doing to realize that goal, sir?


General Director Tran Van Nam: With the goal of making MBT the No. 1 distributor of distribution transformers in Vietnam and expanding to the world market in the next 5 years, from strategic goals to detailed implementation plans, meticulousness has been established by the Company. At the same time, the Board of Directors of the Company also had the highest commitment to the best and most effective implementation of short-term and medium-term goals.



However, in the immediate future, in 2021, the Company will strive to increase revenue from transformers to exceed 50-70%; only electrical equipment is expected to exceed 50%; increase market share with EVN projects to 10-30%; The employee's income increased by 10-20%, along with the benefits of employees being guaranteed and maintained stably.


Reporter: Thank you very much!


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