How to select a good transformer manufacturer

For any electrical engineer, choosing a transformer manufacturer is very important, It makes sure that the transformer can operate for a long time without much preparation. 

In this article, we will show you some tips to choose a good transformer manufacturer 


Table of contents:

1. 8 points to follow before selecting a transformer manufacturer. 

Transformer purpose

Choose single phase or three phases transformer

Know for voltage and frequency 

Know operation environment of transformer

Know the requirement of transformer size and space

Transformer safeguard specification 

Transformer Manufacturers meet international standards and local standards. 

Other factures

2. Characteristic of transformer manufacturer in the market.

Manufacturer's Reputation and Commitment to Quality

Production capacity

Domestic and local technical support

Financial health

1. 8 points to follow before selecting a transformer manufacturer. 

Transformer Purpose

Where would the transformer be used? What is the basic purpose it will serve? You should select the transformer base on the requirements like factory construction, school, building or others. In addition, deciding your transformer will be set indoor or outdoor, 

Choose single phase or three phases transformer

Since you have a better understanding of the device, it will be easier to determine whether to choose a 3-phase or 1-phase transformer. If you are a large business looking for a cost-effective solution then the three phase transformer is a good choice. 

Know for voltage and frequency 

When deciding on a transformer, pay attention to the input and output voltages required by the power supply and the voltages of your electrical appliances. Alternatives to the voltage requirements, check the frequency of the transformer. In case of different input and output frequencies, one can use an inverter at the output of the transformer.

Operation Environment of Transformer

The transformer is constructed to install at many location, indoor or outdoor, bad or good wheather, at extreme temperatures or at high temperature, humidity or even under chemical impression. Find transformer can work in hard conditions. 

Know the Size and Space Requirements of Transformer

Depending on load capacity, handling requirements and application, transformer manufacturers can custom design and manufacture transformers to meet specific demand. Transformers are available in standard sizes but depending on space requirements, transformers can be customized to your needs..

Safeguard Specifications

Transformer manufacturers should provide levels of protection for the transformer efficient operation. Safety measures include avoidance of external paint corrosion, alarm function for pressure and temperature measurement. Some transformer manufacturers also provide real-time monitoring facilities on the transformer.

Transformer Manufacturers meet industry standards

When selecting transformer manfacturers in oversea, this is one of the most inportant points. You can check if your supplier meet international standards from renowned organizations such as Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Electrical Manfacturers Association, and so on….

Other fact to consider

The most important thing is you know clearly about transformer specifications, we list them below:

  • Efficiency

  • Cooling Methods

  • Seismic Requirements

  • KVA Rating requirement

  • Insulation levels & Primary windings

  • Accessories supplied with Transformer-like temperature, pressure and vacuum gauge and monitoring tools


2. Characteristic of transformer manufacturer in the market.

Manufacturer's Reputation and Commitment to Quality

Regardless of what type of transformer you require, the manufacturer you choose must have the knowledge and skills to manufacture a product that meets your quality standards.

At MBT, we have a line of pre-manufactured transformers that meet on-time delivery. In addition, with special orders, we produce according to the specifications of the customer. Our products meet international and Vietnamese standards for safety such as TCVN, IEC, ISO.

Production capacity

Product manufacturers whose production capacity equals - or exceeds - the quantity you require now can limit your growth if your demand increases in the future. When sourcing for a transformer manufacturer, choose one that can more than cover your current needs. By doing so, you can save yourself the headache of having to find a company with greater capacity in the future.


On average, we MBT produce and market 500 transformers per month. Our products always respond promptly in terms of time and quantity. Make sure you have peace of mind whether your order is large or small

Domestic and local technical support

Local and local technical support enables faster response to customers designing custom transformers or having problems with existing transformers. Manufacturers outsourcing technical support services to other companies - whether local or international - can make it difficult for customers to reach engineers and/or discuss problems with someone who doesn't know the information well. them and about the product


MBT we have experience in exporting transformers to Australia, Cabodia, Laos markets, in each market, we have close partners, ensuring the timely provision of consulting services, maintenance care when the customer needs it.

Financial health

The financial status of the transformer manufacturer is very important. One of the financially stable companies is more likely to continue to control its own production. This characteristic allows it to create quality products with the required specifications when needed.


MBT has 13 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying transformers and electrical equipment, we are also the top 5 largest transformer manufacturers in Vietnam, you can rest assured to cooperate with us.



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