Currently, transformers mostly use insulating oil derived from mineral oil, which is flammable, explosive, unsustainable, and fossil fuel resources are increasingly running out.


On the other hand, in order to ensure power quality and power loss standards in the power supply, the transformers are put deep into the load center and especially the substations located in buildings, underground stations, and container stations with the increasingly demanding of Explosion prevention and the treatment of oil leakage from the surrounding environment.


Facing the above requirements, the power industry is constantly searching for safer and more efficient insulating oil products used for transformers to replace mineral oil-based insulating oils to supply electricity to the community and reduce their impact on people and the environment. The application of Envirotemp FR3 dielectric oil produced by Cargill industrial specialties in the USA which are extracted from soybeans into the operation of electrical equipment is very necessary to improve the safety and reliability in the operation of transformers with the Outstanding advantages as follows.


Fire and explosion prevention: Envirotemp FR3 oil has a flash point (360oC) twice times higher than the flashpoint of mineral oil (160oC), so fire resistance is a prominent advantage of this oil compared to mineral oil is being used and greatly reduces the risk of fire.


Increase the life of insulating paper: Experiments on the life of the insulating paper, when immersed in insulating oil derived from mineral oil and Envirotemp FR3 insulating oil, show that: under the same conditions, the time decomposing insulation paper in Envirotemp FR3 oil is 5 to 8 times longer than in mineral oil. This helps prolong the life of the MBA many times over.


Extending the life of the transformer: The life test of the transformer (measurement of the hot spot temperature in the transformer) for transformers using mineral oil and transformers using Envirotemp FR3 oil shows that transformers using Envirotemp FR3 oil have a more 20% longer life than a transformer loaded with mineral oil with the same capacity.


Some other features: In addition to the features of Envirotemp FR3 oil, it also has high oxidation resistance and decomposes within 28 days in natural weather conditions. Therefore, Envirotemp FR3 oil is friendly and does not pollute the environment. With these advantages, the cost of repairing transformer oil leakage using Envirotemp FR3 oil is very low compared to mineral oil. In addition, because Envirotemp FR3 oil is non-toxic, decomposes within 28 days in a natural environment, for substations using large-capacity transformers, a single oil sump can be built to reduce the cost of substation construction.


Finally, Envirotemp FR3 insulating oil is composed mainly of soybeans highly preventing fire and has been shown to be non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-hazardous for the environment. With the above advantages, it is expected that Envirotemp FR3 insulating oil is more and more widely used in the power industry, especially in distribution transformers.


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