Distribution Transformer Catalog MBT

Distribution Transformer Catalog MBT
MBT Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company is a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing transformers and electrical equipment. With the business motto: "Quality nourishes trust", MBT focuses on investing in modern, advanced technology line systems for 4 factories with an area of more than 20,000 square meters, most of the production machinery and testing equipment. Tests and input materials are imported from G7 industrially developed countries.

We invite partners and customers to refer to MBT's Transformer Catalog for a more general overview of our company.

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MBT Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company is a unit specializing in:

• Design and manufacture 1-phase and 3-phase power transformers, all types of transformers with voltages up to 35kV and capacity up to 25,000kVA. Low voltage power transformers, arc furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, solar transformers, amorphous transformers,...

• Types of AC and DC reactors used in industry such as: Arc furnaces, input and output of converters, high and low voltage capacitors (with voltage up to 22kV), motor starting, …

• Measurement transformers, measurement current transformers up to 35kV

• Voltage stabilizer automatically adjusts low and high voltage up to 35kV

• Medium and low voltage electrical cabinets, kiosk-type integrated electrical stations, single-pole integrated electrical stations

Special: All power transformer products manufactured by MBT meet TCVN 6306 Standards, International Standards IEC 60076, ANSI, Quality Standards ISO 9001: 2015,... in accordance with Operating conditions on Vietnam's power grid system.

At MBT, we always appreciate every opportunity to cooperate and serve customers. With a solid foundation in technology and experience, we are confident in providing our partners and customers with the best quality products, worthy of being your trusted companion on the road. Integration and development.

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