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How to buy a transformer?

Transformers are now very diverse and popular in the electrical market, so we have many options to buy a good transformer, but choosing a good and quality transformer, especially buying transformers online is not that simple. Here are some basic rules for those who are looking to buy a transformer.

1. General rules when choosing to buy a transformer

In choosing a distribution transformer to buy, you will first need to have four selection rules below to guide you on buying the best transformer.


Firstly, for low-voltage stations with a secondary voltage of 220 - 380V, it is best to choose to buy transformers with a capacity below 1000 KVA. Power stations with a secondary voltage of 660V should only choose transformer having capacity below 1800 KVA. This will avoid some unnecessary risks.


Secondly, when buying a transformer, it is best to pay close attention to how much load the transformer uses per day to choose the most suitable transformer. If the load used is more than the allowable level of a transformer, we can combine two or more machines to reduce the load of 1 machine to receive when operating during the day.


The third is to choose transformers with a capacity of 60-80% of the stabilizer's capacity.


Finally, using a combination of 2 or more transformers if continuous load power is required to avoid the possibility of overload when using a transformer.
When choosing to buy a transformer, it is best to choose a transformer from reputable brands and a transformer manufacturer and have extensive transformer manufacturing experience to ensure you have chosen a good transformer.


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2. Steps to buying transformers

Distribution transformers are essential for a stable supply of power. A transformer can convert the voltage to higher or lower voltage and distribute and transmit electricity to other electrical equipment.


Transformers are very diverse and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and types. Especially, each transformer has different principles of operation and specifications. Therefore, choosing it to suit your purpose will also be more difficult.


Below are the steps for choosing a transformer


Step 1: Identify information about the electrical network that needs transformers.

  • Not knowing the electrical network's specifications before buying a transformer will be very dangerous because the machine easily falls into an overload state or the machine's capacity is too large compared to the capacity of the current from which leads to the ineffective operation or fire explosion.
  • Therefore, it is vital to determine the machine's specifications before deciding to buy a machine.
  • Above all, you need to learn the electrical network basics in which you plan to use a transformer. Like information about the grid's daily capacity, the machine's average operating time per day if it's installed.


Step 2: Determine the right transformers to buy.

  • On the transformer market, there are many different types of transformers that are classified depending on many factors such as 3-phase or 1-phase construction, oil core (oil transformers) insulation or air core ( dry transformers). Therefore, you need to determine the type of machine you need to buy.
  • You should carefully study the structures, features, properties and roles of each machine

Step 3: Contact a reputable transformer brand for advice.

  • Once you have determined the input voltage and output voltage level of the transformer and know the right transformer capacity to purchase. You should contact the website that specializes in supplying transformer products for more detailed advice.

3. Some distribution transformers of MBT

3-phase and single-phase transformer

3 phase dry type transformer of MBT

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