ATS - Automatic Transfer Switches | What is ATS | Working principle of ATS in power system

ATS - Automatic Transfer Switches- What is ATS


ATS electrical cabinet, also known as Automatic Transfer Switches is a system of electrical equipment to ensure that the whole electrical system is operating continuously and stably even when there is a problem of power failure. Every business, factory, apartment, hospital, ... is equipped with this type of electrical cabinet to ensure there is always enough power for production and daily life. 


So what is ATS electrical cabinet, structure and operating principle of ATS cabinet like? Join us to find out in the article below.


Table of contents


1. What is ATS electrical cabinet?

2. Functions of ATS electrical cabinets

3. In which field is ATS electrical cabinet applied?

4. Structure of electrical cabinets ATS

5. Principle of operation of the ATS electrical panel system

6. Operating procedure of ATS electrical panel system

7. ATS classification system of electrical cabinets

8. Operational model of electrical cabinets ATS

9. Select ATS electrical panel system

10. Common connection diagram of ATS electrical cabinet

11. Provider of reputable electrical cabinets in Vietnam


1. What is an ATS electrical cabinet?


ATS - Automatic Transfer Switches is understood as an electrical system that can automatically change the lost power supply or vice versa. The purpose of ATS electrical cabinets is to ensure that there is always enough power needed for businesses and people to serve production and living without interruption.



2. Functions of ATS - automatic transfer switches


The ATS generator system has the function of transferring the power source to the backup power source in the generator when there are incidents such as phase failure, over voltage, neutral loss, power failure, …


3. In which field is the ATS electrical cabinet applied?


ATS electrical cabinets are widely used in places where need to provide continuous power sources such as industrial parks, factories, commercial centers, apartments, airports, bus stations, ports, ...


ATS - Automatic Transfer Switches of MBT

4. Structure of electrical cabinets ATS


  • ATS electrical cabinet: Made from galvanized steel, the outside is coated with electrostatic paint. The electric cabinet's size is big - small, depending on the needs of use and capacity.

  • Automatic switching device: Designed with automatic or manual switching modes.

  • ATS electrical cabinet controller: Has the function of controlling switches over time.

  • ATS electrical distribution busbar system: Depending on the rated current of the system, it is calculated accordingly.

  • Buttons, LCD screen, indicator light system help the operator flexibly operate modes.

In addition to the above components, the ATS electrical cabinet also integrates the function of monitoring and remote control.


MBT electrical engineer is assembling ATS

5. Principle of operation of the ATS electrical cabinet


ATS electrical switchboards always include power source conversion systems and industrial generators, from which in any case the cabinet is always ready to automatically switch the power to the location where the power is needed.


ATS: the system converts electricity from the main grid, when an incident occurs, it will supply electricity to the load from the generator.


When the grid is back on, the ATS switchboard is responsible for connecting the load to the main power source and disconnecting the backup generator.


The high-end Ats electrical cabinets also have the function of synchronizing with multiple generators at the same time to ensure the power is not interrupted.


How ATS electrical cabinet working

6. Operating procedure of ATS cabinet system


For loads required not to lose power or not be out of power for too long, the Ats cabinet system is a device that ensures the load is connected to two power sources, the power grid and the generator according to the following principles:


First, the ATS switchboard will transmit a signal to turn on the generator


Then, when the generator has power and stable operation, the ATS cabinet will switch the load from the grid to the generator.


When the utility power is restored and operating stably, the ATS will transmit a signal to stop the generator, then switch the load from the generator to the grid.


In addition, on the market, there are high-end Ats cabinets with extended functions such as combining synchronous cabinets with multiple generators, ensuring sufficient capacity for the load when a generator risk occurs.


7. Classification of electrical cabinet systems ATS


On the market today there are popular types of ATS electrical cabinets, which are:


ATS electrical panel 1 power supply, 1 backup generator. This type is used in many buildings, factories.


ATS electrical cabinets 2 main power supply, 1 backup generator. This type is usually installed and used in large industrial zones. The grid system always has two independent, alternating sources for maintenance.


ATS electrical panel 1 power supply, 2 backup generator sources.


ATS electrical cabinet system can also be classified according to capacity such as: 100A, 200A, 250A, 400A mainly used from starting.


Ats large cabinet system, about 800A to thousands of Amps, uses a gas cutter, which is more durable.



MBT's Automatic Transfer Switches

8. Operational model of electrical cabinets ATS

The Ats Power Switch Cabinet includes 2 mechanical switches of the normal supply and the redundant power supply.

The operational model of electrical cabinets ATS


When mains failures occur, the time interval between the two switching switches must be minimized to ensure continuous power supply.


Once the mains problem has been resolved, the Ats system will disconnect the load from the source and connect to the mains system.


9. Select ATS electrical cabinet system


Choosing which type of ATS electrical cabinet system depends on the needs of each unit. Technical experts advise on factors to consider to choose an appropriate ATS system as follows:


It is necessary to determine the capacity of the transformer station


Based on the capacity of the generator, calculate the priority area for electricity use.


Based on the installation location of the system: temperature, environment, ...


Is connected to the control system of the business. Automatically report information according to preset schedule.


10. Common connection diagram of ATS electrical cabinet

Diagram of automatic transfer switches

11. Provider of reputable electrical cabinets in Vietnam


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