15 Safety Precautions for Electrical System

15 Safety Precautions for Electrical System

It’s relatively important to take safety precautions when working with electricity.

All the people engaged in the electrical work should follow all safety rules and regulations. The workers in the electricity field should be extremely disciplined.

Before starting the work, the working place should be clean and tidy. It is necessary to check All levels of voltage before operating. It is needed to ignore even the voltage levels which cannot produce an electrical shock. Workers should ensure that the circuit is dead before touching it for repairing maintenance and any others works.

The safety guidelines are given to help the electrical workers.

  1. Switch off, isolate and properly earth the circuit before doing any work with the circuit.
  2. Avoid water while working with electricity. Never touch or try repairing any electrical equipment or circuits with wet hands. It increases the conductivity of the electric current.
  3. Always use insulated tools while working. Only permit after making the circuit completely dead, isolated, and earthed.
  4. Display Danger Board at the place of work.
  5. Avoid putting any new equipment into the service without necessary testing by authority.
  6. Forbid any unauthorized person to enter the working place.
  7. Label all electrical equipment, bays, circuits to avoid any mistake.
  8. Shouldn't work on the electrical circuits during a heavy lightning storm.
  9. Wearing shoes having sewn soles, preferably insulated rubber soles.
  10. Avoid wearing suspenders, armbands, metal buckets or other metal parts, metal key chains, or metal keepers for key rings, or watch rings outside the clothing during work.
  11. Stop working when the workers feel tired and exhausted.
  12. Should not keep any tools at the edge of equipment cabinet or structure from where these may fall off.
  13. Should not do anything which may startle the person working in a hazardous condition.
  14. Working outside with underground cabling can be dangerous. The damp soil around the cable is a good conductor of electricity and ground faults are quite common in the case of underground cabling. Using a spade to dig at the cable can damage the wiring easily so it is better to dig at the cable by hand while wearing insulated gloves.
  15. Never use an aluminum or steel ladder if you are working on any receptacle at height in your home. An electrical surge will ground you and the whole electric current will pass through your body.
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