Recloser Schneider 3 Phase Automatic Closing Set

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Product specifications

  • Maximum permissible voltage 27kVA
  • Rated continuous working current 630A
  • Failure current closing capacity (R.m.s.) 12.5kA
  • Failure current closing capacity (Peak Value) 31.5kA
  • Duration of action (Close / Open) 0.1 / 0.05
  • Number of mechanical switches 10000
  • Number of load switching times at rated current 10000
  • Short term withstand current 12.5kA

Introduction of automatic switch 3 phase U type (Recloser Schnieder)

Solid dielectric insulated U type automatic switch (Recloser), demonstrating Schneider Electric's commitment to continuously develop and improve the product to improve the features of traditional reclosers, plus functions for automation, control, and remote monitoring at present and future. 

Overview of U type automatic switch

The U type self-switch uses vacuum cut-off chamber coated by epoxy insulated porcelain tubes, instead of using oil and gas insulators.


The cutter mechanism is housed in a 316 stainless steel housing with a stainless steel lid.

The U type circuit breaker is controlled and supervised by the COMPACT or ULTRA ADVC Control Cabinet.


Enclosed by a 304 (COMPACT) or 316 (ULTRA) stainless steel housing, the ADVC is an electronic controller with an Operator Interface (OI) that monitors the cutter and provides protection and measurement functions, control and communication. Connected via the control cable, the ADVC switch and control cabinet can form a remote control and monitoring Recloser.


The cutting machine is controlled by a magnetic actuator which creates a closing and opening effect. Electrical switching occurs when a control pulse is sent through an on / off actuator from a charge in the ADVC control cabinet. When closed, the breaker is latched magnetically. The push springs are pressed up to maintain contact on the contacts.

Specifications of the automatic switch U type

Specification of automatic switch U type (Recloser Schneider) U type
  15kV 15kV
  12.5kV 12.5kV
Rated values      
Maximum permissible voltage kV 15.5 27
Rated continuous working flow A 630 630
The ability to close the fault stream (R.m.s.) kA 12.5 12.5
Failure current closing capacity (Peak value) kA 31.5 31.5
Action time (Close / Open) s 0.1/0.05 0.1/0.05
Number of mechanical switches   10000 10000
Load switching times at rated current   10000 10000
Short-term withstand current kA 12.5 12.5
Cutting ability      
Usual threshold (Power factor 0.7) A 630 630
Breakdown capacity kA 12.5 12.5
Cable tolerance current A 25 25
Magnetization current of transformer A 22 22
Resistance to lightning impulses      
Phase-soil kA 110 125
Between switching contacts kA 110 125
Industrial frequency withstand voltage      
Phase - soil kA 50 60
Between switching contacts kA 50 60
Working conditions      
Working environment temperature C -40 to 50 -40 to 50
  F -40 to 122 -40 to 122
Radiation (Max) kW/m2 1.1 1.1
Allowable humidity% % 0 to 100 0 to 100
Altitude above sea level m (Max (2)) m 30000 30000
Altitude above sea level feet (Max (2)) ft 9840 9840
Real weight      
The cutter supports mounting brackets on electric poles kg/Ibs 146/322 146/322
Control cabinet with control cable kg/Ibs 41/90 41/90
Total packing weight kg/Ibs 263/580 263/580
External VT kg/Ibs 60/132 60/132
Packing size      
Width mm / in mm/in 960/37.8 960/37.8
Depth mm / in mm/in 1020/40.2 1020/40.2
Height mm/in 1160/45.7 1160/45.7


Application of the U type Recloser

  • MV aerial network protection
  • Transformer station breaker
  • Recloser mounted pole
  • Loop automation
  • Automatic conversion
  • Generator control
  • Smartgrid
  • Load automation

Benefits of Type U Recloser

  • Improved SAIDI and SAIFI metrics by automatically reducing crashes
  • Deferring capital works by offering features that reduce network stress
  • Easily integrate into Smart Grid apps with advanced features like Loop Automation and Auto Switch
  • Flexible applications from complex substations or independent columns mounted through robust communication and automation features

Where to buy Recloser?
In the Vietnamese market, Recloser branded Schneider has been trusted by customers for its quality and suitability for the grid.

MBT is honored to become the genuine distribution partner of Schneider's Recloser and RMU products in Vietnam. MBT is committed to providing genuine, best quality products at the most preferential prices.


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Recloser Schneider 3 Phase Automatic Closing Set

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