Capacitor Compensation Cabinet

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Product specifications

  •  Standard IEC 60439 - 1

  •  Isolation voltage: 1000VAC

  •  Operation voltage: 690 VAC

  •  Pulse voltage: 12kVA

  •  Frequency: 50Hz

  •  Short circuit current: 50kA/1s

  •  Material: 1,5 - 2,5mm steel plate

  •  Surface protection: Electro Static Power Coating

  •  Standard color: RAL

Introducing Capacitor Compensation Cabinet 

MBT offers a wide range of automatic power factor compensation solutions for great and small demands.
Capacitor Compensation Cabinet system can be transferred separately or integrated with electrical enclosures.  
Ventilation is carefully considered in our design to ensure the system performs well without reducing power and working life.
The capacitor compensation cabinet system is equipped with one of two 6-step or 12-step electrical control units. Each low voltage capacitor's capacity is: 10 - 20 - 25 - 30 - 50 - 100 kVA.
MBT also has a complete range of power capacitor compensation cabinets equipped with harmonic filters. The solution for power grids has large harmonic systems using multiple inverters, where harmonic filters are necessary.

Product scope

  • Standard IEC 60439 - 1

  • Isolation voltage: 1000VAC

  • Operation voltage: 690 VAC

  • Pulse voltage: 12kVA

  • Frequency: 50Hz

  • Short circuit current: 50kA/1s

  • Material: 1,5 - 2,5mm steel plate

  • Surface protection: Electro Static Power Coating

  • Standard color: RAL

  • Size standard: H2200 x W1000 x D100

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Capacitor Compensation Cabinet

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